Poll: Do You Believe in God?

8 thoughts on “Poll: Do You Believe in God?”

  1. Sounds circumstantial. Allow me to press the psycho-button so your always prepared for the next clean.;with extra fizzle.
    The crosswave cordless”mmm is super easy and feels how my left ✋sang toltefot.
    I supportt this message.🌱🌎🌓🤥🤝🤴🤳
    V.Thing< ping pong pung°¿009🎤
    L.E.S.🍺🔤🎼4pts.rm 1602. New York City🐝

  2. This is not a matter of faith but of hope. Hope that we take care of each other to be empathetic and not expose ourselves or expose each other
    If we fail to be empathetic, we will have to learn through the bad experience.

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